Breeding Information

The first question horse breeders, who have not experienced breeding with frozen semen must ask is “what do I do in order to achieve a live foal using frozen semen”?

Some general comments –

The Mare

Mares being bred naturally, or using frozen semen must be healthy, in good forward condition, properly mature and ready for joining.

Usually, because stallions are constantly being vet checked and used throughout the season, problems with breeding particular mares usually occur as a result of poor mare presentation.

The mare must be properly “in season and ready to be bred”

Frozen Semen

when you purchase frozen semen you actually receive 8 mini straws in each dose. This is the standard practise throughout the world. This practise facilitates the thawing of straws progressively and the insemination of the mare each day over the several days of her “period of heat”.

The semen is thawed and prepared for insemination by the attending veterinary professional.

Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital (GVEH)

Balwyn Equestrian Services Pty Ltd has contracted GVEH to collect semen from Edenhope Henry, have it qualified for export to various countries, and held pending release to purchasers as the documentation and payments are completed as appropriate. GVEH has an established reputation in the field of horse medicine and horse breeding in particular and are highly skilled and reliable handlers and dispatchers of horse semen.

Registration of Additional Foals

Balwyn Equestrian Services will facilitate the registration of one live foal to each dose of semen purchased. In the event that more than one mare is impregnated from one dose, Balwyn Equestrian Services will facilitate the registration of further foals on the payment of AUD $5000 for each additional foals.


In addressing this subject we must determine whether the mare to be bred is within domestic Australia or whether the semen is to be exported to any of the qualified countries.

Breeders must complete the breeding contract attached to the “Order Now” tab on this website and complete the PayPal transaction. This will cause an email to be sent automatically to Balwyn Equestrian Services who will enable GVEH to dispatch the frozen semen as required.

GVEH have a standard “Frozen Semen Order Form - 2012/2013” which is attached to this website. This form must be completed and emailed to GVEH as required.

In addition to the semen purchase fee of $2000 + GST GVEH levy fees as follows:

GVEH Levy Fees:  
AUD$51 Office administration and handling fee
AUD$47 Liquid nitrogen fee - 8kg
AUD$50 Shipper hire fee - domestic only
Total AUD$148  

In addition GVEH contract Pakair as courier and courier charges will apply. GEVH will be pleased to provide a fully detailed estimate of these delivery charges as soon as the Frozen Semen Order Form is returned and the destination of the semen is advised.

Shippers must be returned to GVEH without delay and the purchaser of semen is responsible for courier chargers in respect to both the delivery and return of the shipper to GVEH. These charges are required to be paid to GVEH before the semen is dispatched.

Export Semen to Qualified Countries.

GVEH contract Gene Movers as their exclusive facilitators in respect to the export of semen to offshore Australia destinations. In the case of export of semen the shipper must be owned by the breeder or purchased from Gene Movers is $120 + GST. In addition 4kg of liquid nitrogen are required at $4.50 per kg - $18.

Clearly extensive courier charges are involved, with the semen being collected from GVEH then to Melbourne International Airport, air freighted to its destination airport internationally and then couriered from that destination airport to the breeder as required. Courier arrangements by Gene Movers are undertaken by TOLL Courier services.

Roweena or Craig at Gene Movers telephone +61 3 5367 1395 or would be an appropriate point for breeders to receive detailed quotations for the delivery of semen to international destinations.

Below is a detailed estimate of the Gene Mover charges for a hypothetical shipment of semen to Dallas Texas.

Equine Semen Export Estimate (74.3 k)

The completion of the breeding contract and also the PayPal arrangements attached to this website under the Order Now tab will commence the process and result in semen safely arriving at its international destinations.