Lester Family

The Lester Family have been interested in Polocrosse since 1979 when Adrian, the eldest of the three Lester son’s, commenced playing for the Perth Polocrosse Club. The family have been members of the Perth Polocrosse Club ever since.

Over the years, all three Lester boys – Adrian, Stuart and Russell – have played polocrosse throughout their school days and through University. All 3 boys have represented Western Australia at their appropriate grade – Junior, Intermediate and Men’s Open.

Adrian’s eldest son James a member of the WA Junior Polocrosse Team, which competed at Ballarat, Victoria in 2010.

The Lester family have been members of the Australian Stockhorse Society since the mid 1980’s.

Presently James Lester is in England making his way as a young polo professional.

Balwyn Polo and Balwyn Equestrian Services have been breeding horses since the early 1980’s. Currently the principal sire standing at Balwyn Polo is Edenhope Henry.


The Balwyn Brand... 

This brand appears on the near shoulder of all Balwyn bred horses.

On the off-side shoulder is branded the foaling number above the calendar year in which that foal is born.