Balwyn Horses


The vision of Balwyn Horses is to develop a group of playing horses capable of a standard measured by -

  • Playing, and making a meaningful contribution, at Men’s Open standard at Australian National Polocrosse Titles level.
  • Winning “best pony string” (3 horses) at Ellerston NSW at 18 goal polo level.



The mission of Balwyn Horses is to –

  • Improve the standard of horses within the Polocrosse community in WA.This is to be achieved through the selection, purchase and importation to WA of high standard mares and stallions and make these available to breeders, particularly in WA.
  • Make available to aspiring polocrosse players on a long-term loan basis, polocrosse horses capable of taking those players to the pinnacle of their ability and commitment.
  • To encourage and provide assistance to aspiring polocrosse players to appreciate the benefit to them of an excellent riding style and an understanding and commitment to good horsemanship.  This is achieved through the provision and promotion of professional training in Riding and Horsemanship.
  • Develop a modern polo horse which will consistently play at the highest level of polo in Australia – 18 goal level at Ellerston and Sydney. This horse must have speed and power, but be totally under control and be soft and tractable!!


The objectives of Balwyn Horses is –
  • To breed & own 10 of the best 100 polo horses in Australia - 2019
  • To have horses in “the best string” at Ellerston - 2019
  • To breed &/or own 5 of the best 50 polocrosse horses in Australia - 2019
  • To have bred a Champion horse at the National Titles -  In Dick’s life time
  • To loan horses to key WA polocrosse players to play at the National Titles  - 2014
  • Have Balwyn Horses winning champion horse prizes at tournaments either owned by Balwyn or owned by other people who value their quality - 2019
  • Not so much to make a profit from their horse activities but rather make a contribution to the polo and polocrosse communities and ensure that “fair value” is achieved for all parties.
  • To provide polo and polocrosse horses to the WA community on a sale and/or long-term loan basis.
  • To retrain, for long term breeding purposes strategic blood lines – within the Balwyn horse breeding programme.
  • To encourage the development, particularly in young players, of riding skills and good horsemanship skills.
  • To keep the average age of playing horses retained by Balwyn quite young through the regular sale of advanced horses who are judged not to be capable of making a contribution as a member of Balwyn Horses breeder group.  To transact this disposal when the horse is quite young – both geldings and mares – up to 10 years old.
  • This ensures that the buyer has the opportunity of a long life of sound playing performance and therefore achieves value from his/her purchase.